Making Your Baby’s Bedtime A Smooth Routine

Parenthood is special and a new addition to the family is always a delight. Amidst the little smiles and cuddles, there are delightful hardships that parents need to undergo. At least for the first few years of your child’s life and one of those hardships is sleep deprivation. But sleep is both important to parents as well as the child and if you manage to make your child’s bedtime a special one then you’ve already won through this.  Keeping in mind that each baby has his/her special bedtime patterns, let’s check out a few proven tips to get your baby a good sleep.

Establishing A Routine

You can’t expect babies to always stick to your times. Know that both parties need to adjust along the way. But setting a simple prep time will help you in the long run as they grow older.  The Bedtime routine should be no longer than about half an hour. Give the baby a short bath. A bath refreshes and at the same time gives some preparation for the body to sleep. The final step is to give them their final feed and place them in their cot. The most important thing is to follow a consistent routine every day so that your little one will learn to recognize the routine.

Get Them To Relax

Give Them A Massage – Some babies love massages and gentle massages are just the thing for the little bundle of joy to simply shut their eyes and drift away into their own worlds. Soon after the bath, you should try giving him/her a little massage before a feed or placing them into their cots. The next most important thing is to dress them or swaddle them in comfortable clothing.

Dress Them Comfortably – Improper night clothes cannot only cause sleep disturbances but harm their skin and possibly cause more damage than you think. If you want to give them the best, then try using a brand such as bonds baby clothing.

Play Some Soothing Music- babies are used to constant noises in their environments right from their time in the womb. Starting from the mother’s heartbeat and then getting used to certain sounds that may become familiar over time. Try playing some soothing bedtime music to calm them down.

Avoid Distractions- perhaps the number one rule is cut out all kinds of devices away from the baby right from the start of your bedtime routine. This is the best advice anyone can give you. Instead, try showing them some picture books and establishing a story time prior to bedtime.

Lights Off – this is one of the most practical ways to get your baby to sleep. Use blackout blinds or a dimmer prior to bedtime.

Establish A Suitable Bedtime

Make sure to gradually train yourself and the baby to go to bed at the same time every day. When this becomes normal practice, it helps your child to establish a sleep pattern and train the body for sleep.  An ideal time slot would be between 7–8.30 pm. a later time than this will make you and your baby tired.

Make Them Fall Asleep On Their Own

The hardest part of establishing a proper sleep routine for your child is to make them sleep on their own. Each child will improve at his / her own pace. To do this, you need to avoid picking them up from the bed or cot at all costs. Instead, get them to relax and talk to them reassuringly and softly.  Repeat the same procedure every day until they learn to associate themselves with their sleep patterns.

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